Most anti-violenct demonstrators charged

Tues. March 1
At the Jerusalem Magistrates Court seventeen demonstrators were indicted for protesting, and the police haven’t yet decided whether or not to charge six more. The protesters condemned police and IDF violence at yesterday morning’s destruction at Chavat Gilad. Up to now, nine were sent to court, minors and adults, accused of disturbing the peace. The police are asking that they be banned from Jerusalem until the end of the legal proceedings. Representatives of Honenu are in touch with the families and the prisoners. Honenu attorneys, Itzik Bam and David Halevi are representing them in court.
Binyamin Police are requesting that the three arrested near Kochav Hashachar be held another day. The female minor arrested near Shai Nitzan’s house was freed o condition that she doesn’t go near his house for 25 days. Attorney Baruch Ben Yosef represented her on behalf of Honenu.

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