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Four Youths to Spend another day in Police Custody

Wed. Feb. 16 In Jerusalem Magistrates Court the remand was extended by a day for the four youths who had been arrested during the destruction at Ramat Migron. The four are accused of burning Arab olive trees. The police requested … Continue reading


Judicial Mistake, Suspect Released

Wed. Feb. 16 A Shomron youth was arrested after responding to a police request. He was surprised to be arrested for hanging posters when he arrived at the Petach Tikvah Magistrates Court. The police said that he had been fined, … Continue reading


Old Case

Wed. Feb. 16 In Ramle Magistrates Court “B,” accused of pushing a policeman during a demonstration three years ago protesting the arrests of demonstrators at the home of Gadi Shimoni. “B” stressed that he had put in a complaint that … Continue reading

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Four Jailed, one released

Tues. Feb. 15 Benjamin district police announced that the four youths who were arrested in Ramat Migron are remaining the night locked up. The four are suspected of burning Arab olive trees. An additional youth who had been arrested was … Continue reading


Demonstrator Taken By Police

Tuesday Feb. 15 The police, detectives and Yassamnkim are holding a resident of the Shomron who was demonstrating outside the Military Administration, Beit El. The police just grabbed him and took him away.


Four More Arrested at Ramat Migron

Tuesday Feb. 15 The police arrested four more residents of Ramat Migron, Mateh Binyamin The arrested men were taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station.


Ramat Migron destroyed by IDF

Tuesday Feb. 15 The police destroyed Ramat Migron, Mateh Binyamin. During the destruction and protests a resident of the place was arrested for entering closed military area and having a knife.


Chavat Gilad resident released

Tuesday Feb. 15 The Chavat Gilad, Shomron resident who was arrested because they found a kitchen knife in his car was released after a hearing in the Petach Tikva Magistrates Court. The judge decided that the police hadn’t brought any … Continue reading


Accused of Disturbing the Peace

Sunday Feb. 13 Jerusalem Magistrates Court heard the case of a forty year old resident of Kiryat Arba accused of disturbing the peace during the forced evacuation of the Hebron Peace House. A Public Defender represented him in court.


Jewish Woman Accused of Throwing Objects

Sunday Feb. 13 Jerusalem Magistrates Court, Judge Eliyat Ziskind heard the charges against a female resident of Tel Romeda, Hebron who has been accused of throwing things from her balcony to an adjacent Arab home. A Public Defender represented her … Continue reading

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