Jewish Security Prisoners


Due to the unstable nature of today’s security scenario in Israel, numerous soldiers and loyal civilians have become embroiled in sudden and unanticipated legal battles. These peoples’ day to day lives of learning, working and soldiering have within hours been caught in a major upheaval. They are now dependent and often in need of  legal assistance to guarantee their civil and religious rights. Be assured these individuals are not your common criminals who have acted for their own selfish needs. And, as stated above, their lives have gone through tumultuous, negative changes practically instantly. Wives no longer have their husbands at their side for support and companionship. Families have lost their breadwinners; children their role models and support systems. Distances must be traversed for brief, awkward visits to their husbands and fathers in prison. Unfortunately, many of them are treated worse than Arab terrorists whose crimes can not be compared to these Jewish security prisoners.