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Hikers Still Being Held

Sun. Jan. 30 Jerusalem Magistrates Judge Anat Zinger extended the remand of the two hikers, one until Tues and the second until Wed. The police still doesn’t have any evidence, neither a body nor bullets to prove that there was … Continue reading

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Two More Jews Arrested for Alleged Murder

Sun. Jan. 30 Last night Judge Shalev Gertel extended the remand of the two hikers who had been arrested near Bat Eyin. At present the police can’t produce a body nor the bullets that allegedly were fired and killed the … Continue reading


Police insist it’s murder

Sat night. Jan. 29 The Hebron Police have requested to held the two hikers for eight days and charge them with–murder. Even though the Jewish hikers were attacked the police refuse to accept the plea of self-defense, just murder The … Continue reading


Two Jewish Hikers Held Over Shabbat

Sat night. Jan. 29 On Friday about forty people hiked in the area of Bat Eyin, Gush Etzion, in memory of two soldiers who had been killed, David Rubin and David Achikam. During the hike Arabs massed against them from … Continue reading


3 Jews Released

Friday Jan. 28 As a result of the urgent request submitted by Honenu concerning the arrest of three residents of the Mt. Sinai Farm, the tree were released last night. They showed a film which proved beyond doubt that the … Continue reading


Three Jews Arrested for Defending Themselves

Thurs. Jan. 27 During the afternoon a group of Arabs led by anarchists entered the territory of Har Sinai Farm, near Susiya in the Hebron area. The residents of the farm requested that they leave and were subsequently attacked by … Continue reading

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Last Young Kever Yosef Activist Freed

Sun. Jan. 25, 11 The last of the youth arrested last night has been released. The teenage girl was taken to the Petach Tikvah Magistrates Court and finally agreed to identify herself. She was freed on condition that she stay … Continue reading


Most Youth, male and female, arrested in Shechem Were Released

Sun. Jan. 25, 11 At the Petach Tivka Magistrates Court, two of the youth who arrested last night in Shechem were released on condition that for thirty days they don’t got to Tzomet Tapuach or Shechem. They had been represented … Continue reading


Teenage Girls arrested trying to Enter Shechem

Around eight teenage girls were arrested when they tried to enter Shechem. They claim they were beaten by the police and refuse to identify themselves to protest the fact that Kever Yosef was abandoned to the Arabs. Their case, and … Continue reading


Jewish Youth Caught in Shechem

Sun. Jan. 25, 11 Last night members of the Shechem group entered the city to pray in Kever Yosef. A group of under a dozen youth were arrested by the B”D 3 Checkpoint when they tried to enter Shechem. Later … Continue reading

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