Har Sinai Farm

A small farm near Sussiya was named after Ya’ir Har-Sinai, Hy’d, – murdered by Arab terrorists nearly ten years ago while tending his sheep. The father of nine carried no weapon. In this shocking video below, taken in Feb. ’11 you will see Avidan Ofir, manager of the farm, harrassed by “peace loving activists” trying to steal the farm’s animals’ water source. He single-handedly prevented the crowd from stealing until help arrived. These “activists” are a source of weekly harrassment.

This is an example of what our brothers are facing on a frequent basis from “human rights” and “peace” organizations funded by foreign governments etc.

We salute Avidan for standing up for Jewish rights. Thanks to our donors Avidan knows that Honenu is there for him if he would be arrested or incarcerated.