The Hunt Continues

The Hunt Against Jewish Nationalists Continues
by Adina Kutnicki

Yisca Weiss in custody

Under extreme pressure from the left wing media, Israeli police continue to arrest Jewish nationalists with little or no evidence. Even though most charges are eventually dropped, the detainees face difficult conditions in prison cells and interrogation rooms.

Recent cases highlight this travesty. Over the last two weeks, four young women, including two minors, were arrested on suspicion of setting fire to an Arab’s vehicle in Hevron. The police admitted in court their evidence was weak. As a result the women were released without charges. The case against the minors has not been concluded.

On June 13, about 100 police raided the town of Yitzhar in the Shomron region to arrest four residents for incitement. Four computers were confiscated including two belonging to Honenu.

Over 100 police raid Yitzhar in the early morning hours.

The raid comes less than 24 hours after Hakol HaYehudi news site publicized an internal IDF letter. It quoted commander Nitzan Alon urging low level commanders to target soldiers who strongly identify with the settlement movement in order to distance them from certain activities. “Freedom of expression is under attack,” cried out the defendants.

Elchanan Gruner, the website operator of two nationalist organizations, HaKol HaYehudi and HONENU, was also suspected of setting fire to the vehicle of the Police Commander of the Binyamin region during the destruction of Alei Ayin. The only evidence the police presented was circumstantial-a picture from the organization’s camera of the burning car from several hundred meters. It was not even clear who took the picture. “For this and the incitement charge,” Elchanan exclaimed, ” I was arrested 3 separate times, spending a total of 75 hours in detention.” Eventually he was released along with the others due to a lack of valid evidence.

Conditions at interrogation centers-even against minors-are excessively harsh. “Suspects are tied to chairs, exposed to extreme hot and cold conditions, blinding lights, plus other measures,” said Honenu attorney Adi Kedar.

Considering all the time and resources expended on the above, one hopes that there remains enough manpower and resolve to tackle Israel’s vital security issues.

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