Arabs Attacked, Jews Beaten & Arrested – Jerusalem Day

By Adina Kutnicki, Israel

On Jerusalem Day, June 1, a group of 30 students from Yeshivat Nir of Kiryat Arba found themselves under assault. After having spent a spiritually uplifting morning on the Temple Mount they proceeded to the Western Wall Plaza through the Arab market.

Students were attacked by Arabs with an ax, metal cudgels and knives.

Shortly thereafter they found themselves attacked by a violent mob of Arabs wielding an ax, metal cudgels and knives. Three of the young Jews suffered head injuries, another an eye wound and others were inflicted with punch wounds. The police arrived quickly on the scene. Under rational, normal circumstances one would rightfully expect that the police would be able to recognize the aggressors versus the victims. But this is not always the case in Israel as was recently reported first-hand by Maariv reporter Kalman Liebskind.

Lo and behold, the police ended up arresting two of the students, claiming a few small Arab tables were overturned. <strong>No Arabs were arrested.</strong> The media ignored the story. The two yeshiva students emphatically denied all charges against them.

Honenu attorney, David HaLevi, representing the accused, requested to review continuous security footage which runs throughout the Old City. As the police and courts are fully aware, nothing escapes the 24/7 prying eyes of the security cameras. Nevertheless, HaLevi still awaits the police’s cooperation regarding his reasonable request to examine the footage. What has yet to be explained is why Arabs attack Jews and Jews are arrested. Unfortunately this week we saw a similar phenomenon in the Gush Etzion area and another in the Har Bracha region.

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