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GSS interrogators apply pressure on Jerusalem resident for confession on mosque arson

Wednesday, August 31 19:41 This morning “M”, an approximately 19-year old Jerusalem resident stood at a hitch-hiking stop in Kiryat Arba when suddenly a vehicle driven by Yassam (Special Forces) Police stopped. They demanded that “M” present his identification card … Continue reading

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Two Adei Ad residents arrested yesterday released

Tuesday, August 30 16:17 The two Adei Ad residents arrested yesterday (Monday) during the conflicts during the uprooting of the vineyard at the community in the Shiloh bloc were released today without being brought to court. The two signed an … Continue reading

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Two Adei Ad detainees will remain in remand overnight

Monday, August 29 20:09 During the conflicts at the Adei Ad vineyard this morning approximately ten residents were delayed and arrested. Some were released at the site, however four were brought to the Binyamin police station. After interrogation two of … Continue reading


Youth from Binyamin region arrested near Ramat Migron

Sunday, August 28 21:13 A youth residing in the Binyamin region was arrested this afternoon as he was dropped off near the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region after hitchhiking. A team of Yassam (special) police arrived at the … Continue reading


Two youths arrested at Ma’aleh Ha’arba’a outpost released

Sunday, August 28 8:56 The two youths arrested over Shabbat at the Ma’aleh Ha’arba’a outpost were released after interrogation at the Binyamin police station. The two were briefed by an attorney from Honenu.

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Ma’aleh Ha’arba’a: Two youths arrested over Shabbat in conflicts

Saturday night, August 27 20:58 A group of youths stayed over Shabbat at the Ma’aleh Ha’arba’a outpost near Beit El. IDF forces arrived at the site several times during Shabbat and arrested two youths. According to residents of the outpost … Continue reading


Two Ofakim residents suspected in arson attempt on Arab house in city

Thursday, August 25 16:10 Two Ofakim residents were arrested yesterday on suspicion of an arson attempt on the house of an Arab resident of the city. The two were arrested yesterday afternoon by detectives from the Ofakim police and taken … Continue reading


Two youths arrested yesterday at Ramat Migron outpost released

Thursday, August 25 15:49 The two youths arrested yesterday at the Ramat Migron outpost yesterday were released at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. The court barred one of the two from entering the Ramat Migron area for one month, until the … Continue reading


Two youths arrested at Ramat Migron

Wednesday, August 24 15:26 Two youths were arrested this afternoon at the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region. The two were taken to the Binyamin police station. A Honenu attorney is currently clarifying their status. Also this morning border … Continue reading


Youth delayed at Ramat Migron outpost on suspicion of possessing a pipe wrench…

Tuesday, August 23 13:32 Approximately one hour ago border policemen arrived at the area adjacent to the Ramat Migron outpost where several youths were staying at the time. The police conducted a search of their tools and delayed two youths, … Continue reading