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Six additional arrests at Ramat Migron

Monday, August 22 19:18 This afternoon (Monday) tens of police, detectives and soldiers arrived at Ramat Migron, presented a closed military zone decree and began chasing youths who were at the site. Until now reports have been received that three … Continue reading


Court canceled bond for Ramat Migron detainees

Monday, August 22 15:25 At the deliberation that finished a short time ago at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court, Judge Mirit Fuhrer canceled the 10,000 NIS bond imposed yesterday on five detainees from Ramat Migron. For the four minors the bond … Continue reading


Five Ramat Migron detainees remain in remand due to inability to post bond

Monday, August 22 12:06 Five of the Ramat Migron detainees who were released yesterday to house arrest are still in remand. The reason being their parents are unable to pay the 10,000 NIS bond. Yesterday all of the detainees arrested … Continue reading


Deliberation will take place at 12:30 on Ramat Migron detainees

Sunday, August 21 11:12 At 12:30 a deliberation will take place at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on the 18 detainees arrested yesterday at the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin area. Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger will represent the detainees.


18 youth detained at Ramat Migron

Sunday, August 21 8:37 During Shabbat several Arab shepherds entered the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region. The shepherds began to wander around the area of the outpost, including the site of the young men’s house that had been … Continue reading

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Shomron resident arrested after habeas-corpus writ issued against him

Thursday, August 18 16:45 A Shomron resident was arrested a short time ago in Ariel after a habeas-corpus writ was issued against him. At the police station it turned out that the man hadn’t received the summons to court. After … Continue reading

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Police and GSS continue attempts to recruit informants

Wednesday, August 17 18:25 Oded Shapira, a young resident of the community of Michmash, was standing with a friend this afternoon (Wednesday) at the Tapuah Junction in the Shomron. A vehicle in which two police detectives were driving stopped close … Continue reading

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GSS won’t let up, continues to harass released detainees

Tuesday, August 16 16:14 Yesterday (Monday) the two Yitzhar detainees being interrogated on suspicion of setting on fire Arab vehicles were released from the GSS facilities. The two were released after the GSS did not succeed in finding evidence linking … Continue reading

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Again: another strange GSS idea proven wrong – Yitzhar detainees released

Monday, August 15 14:49 A short while ago the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court released the two Yitzhar detainees who were arrested over a week ago by the GSS. The GSS interrogators did not succeed in presenting even one piece of … Continue reading


GSS agent posed as member of “The New Guard”

Sunday, August 14 21:04 This afternoon Honenu attorney Yossi Lin visited the two detainees from Yitzhar being held in the GSS facilities. The two are being interrogated on suspicion of setting on fire Arab vehicles two days after the massacre … Continue reading