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End of saga? Administrative exile investigated on suspicion of “price tag” incident released

Wednesday, December 28, 12:21 A short time ago one of the four administrative exiles arrested on suspicion of involvement with “price tag” incidents was released at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court after no evidence implicating him in any crime was found. … Continue reading

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Jewish woman arrested on Temple Mount on suspicion of praying

Monday, December 26, 10:20 A Jewish woman who went up onto the Temple Mount this morning was arrested by the police after, according to policemen and representatives of the Waqf, they noticed that she was praying. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar … Continue reading

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Remand extended for suspect in Ephraim Brigade incident – “The evidence is weak”

Sunday, December 25, 20:51 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended the remand of a detainee suspected of involvement with the protest incident at the Ephraim Brigade base. The police requested a six-day remand extension, however Judge Chen Avital extended the remand … Continue reading

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Two Bat Ayin minors released – “Big case was revealed to be baseless”

Thursday, December 22, 15:15 A short time ago the police released two minors, residents of Bat Ayin, who had been arrested in Yitzhar at the beginning of the week. The two were interrogated on suspicion of puncturing the tires of … Continue reading

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District court shortened remand of three administrative exiles

Tuesday, December 20, 20:05 The Jerusalem District Court partially accepted the appeal that Honenu filed and shortened the remand of the three administrative exiles arrested in Jerusalem by two days. In the morning the Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended until Sunday … Continue reading

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Deliberation ended at 3:07 A.M. – Ramat Migron detainees released

Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 16:20 At the end of a deliberation which ended after three in the morning, the Ramat Migron detainees were released. During the deliberation it became apparent that the police officer had decided to take the detainees into … Continue reading

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Remand extended for administrative exiles – “They haven’t presented any evidence”

Tuesday, December 20, 12:16 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court currently extended the remand of three of the administrative exiles arrested last week in their Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem apartment. The three are suspected of conspiring to carry out “price tag” incidents. During … Continue reading

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District court levels strong criticism at police conduct, “The police are making their own laws”

Monday, December 19, 2011, 21:04 Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Yo’ed HaCohen leveled strong criticism at the conduct of the Binyamin Police and the Yehuda and Shomron District Police concerning the Ramat Migron detainees. Judge HaCohen ruled that the police … Continue reading

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Urgent appeal filed on three Ramat Migron arrestees

Monday, December 19, 14:14 This morning Yassam (Special Police) forces arrived at the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region and arrested three youths (two males, one female) on suspicion of violating a closed military zone. The police announced that … Continue reading

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Court rejected appeal filed by police, partially accepted Honenu’s appeal

Sunday, December 18, 2011, 16:03 A short time ago the Jerusalem District Court released two of the detainees detained last week in the administrative exiles’ apartment. The two were released by the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Friday, however the police … Continue reading

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