Who will create the Jewish interest?

Shmuel Meidad (Zangi)

By Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, Director of the Honenu Society

(This article appeared on the Arutz 7 Hebrew website in 2008)

Avi Dichter is a corrupt person and is not alone in his corruption. He represents all the corrupt people in the government. I don’t know if he has actually stolen anything, and if so, from whom, but two innocent women, one of whom has seven children, recently left his office in the Knesset with downcast faces.

They came as the representatives of the families of Jewish prisoners, and asked him: “You have released so many terrorists who harmed so many families in Israel. Why can’t you release the fathers of our families, nationalist Jewish prisoners?”

Dichter’s direct reply was: “To tell you the truth, we don’t have the same interest towards you as we have towards the Arabs.”

In other words, you don’t kidnap soldiers as a bargaining counter and you can’t apply pressure, so why should we have an interest towards you? And he is right.

There are women who have lived without their husbands for many years, parents who are growing old without a son to support them, little children growing up without a father, who wait hours every week to see their fathers for only an hour.

Dichter’s words represent far greater corruption than a Minister or a Prime Minister who stole money.

The method of abandonment employed by the State of Israel is the same corrupt method reflected in its abandonment of Pollard, perhaps because if he were released he would be liable to condemn people in power.

Faithful to this same corrupt method Israel releases terrorists “as a gesture to Abu Mazen” without connection to the release of Gilad Shalit, removes others from the list of wanted terrorists, and gives them weapons and uniforms. It has abandoned the missing soldiers from the Sultan Yaakub battle in Lebanon: Baumel, Katz, and Feldman. It has abandoned Ron Arad, Madhat Yusef, Shalit, Goldwasser, Regev, and many others in the past, and, since there is no substantial change – it will continue to do so in the future.

It is now negotiating the expulsion of Jews from their homes on a scale 12 times as great as in Gush Katif. Why? Because no-one is currently creating a Jewish interest here.

How do you create an interest? First of all, you open up your mind and your heart and stop being dependent.

You feel free to be Jews.

And then the Jewish interest in Eretz Israel will be created! With G-d’s help, and if the Almighty so wishes, this is not just a dream.