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The Artistic & Pro-Civil Rights Event – The Yesha Fair

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Honenu Press Release

The Artistic & Pro-Civil Rights Event of the Summer has come and gone.

Last Thursday (July 22, ‘10) at the OU Israel Center more than a dozen talented artists and craftspeople from throughout Judea, Samaria and Gush Katif displayed their wares and shared their life’s experiences with a respectable turnout of supportive individuals. Many gifts were purchased, including glass jewelry, framed blessings, decorated mirrors, candleholders and so much more. A portion of the revenue generated was donated to the premier legal rights organization in Israel, Honenu, founded and directed by Shmuel (Zangy) Meidad of Hevron.

The activity’s chairperson, Ruby Ray Karzen expressed her satisfaction and gratitude for all those putting in the effort to support both the artists and Honenu. When asked why she agreed to expend her time and effort for the cause, Ruby responded without missing a beat, that a number of years ago her own grandchild was a recipient of the vital assistance Honenu provides. She knows firsthand that the group is there immediately to provide aid, counseling and a sympathetic shoulder when a Jew finds himself entangled in the Israel court system due to his personal commitment to the struggle for the Land of Israel.

Guests were treated to a sumptuous fresh fruit selection as well as award-winning wine from the Yitzhar area in the Shomron. Soothing Jewish harp music played in the background, just loud enough to be heard, yet soft enough to allow for plenty of social interaction. An ongoing video presentation along with various printed literature proved to be a magnet to those curious and wishing to learn more about the vital activities of the group.

The OU Israel Center was the perfect host for the event. Their staff went out of their way to provide all the necessary logistics and atmosphere.

Shabbat Shalom and thank you for reading about our recent uplifting activity.

The Honenu English-speakers Event Committee