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House Arrest for Hassid who Drove to Josef’s Tomb

Wed. Feb. 23 Petach Tikva Magistrates Court gave the BrestlevHassid who entered Shechem and visited Kever Yosef in a private vehicle 48 hour hourse arrest. Attorney Yossi Lin represents him on behalf of Honenu.


Visit to Kever Yosef without incident, but arrested by IDF Afterwards

Wed. Feb. 23 A group of BrestlevHassidim entered Shechem and visited Kever Yosef in a private vehicle. They weren’t stopped by any soldiers or roadblock at Hawara. They took that as a sign that it was permitted to pray in … Continue reading

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Shachar Butvika’s Appeal Rejected

Tues. Feb. 22 The High Court rejected the appeal of Shachar Butvika, a former Border Policeman, accused of killing an Arab in Hebron. Butvika hassled the Arab out of frustration after four of his friends were murdered by Arab terrorists.


Community Service for “Y”

Tues. Feb. 22 Jerusalem Magistrates Court heard the case of “Y,” a 30 year old, father of four Jerusalemite, who is accused of pushing an Arab woman at the Prophet Samuel’s Tomb, in Jerusalem. This happened when Arabs came to … Continue reading

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Delay of Bat Ayin Youth’s Trial

Tues. Feb. 22 Jerusalem Youth Court, Judge Avital Molad heard the case of a minor, resident of Bat Ayin, who was arrested for disturbing the peace when the police arrived to arrest a different resident. The youth requested a delay … Continue reading


Sentencing in a Month and a Half

Mon. Feb. 21 Jerusalem Magistrates Court, Judge Shulamit Dotan heard the case of two protesters during the forced evacuation of “Peace House.” Hebron, accused of disturbing the peace. The defense and final statements were heard. The judge will give her … Continue reading


J’lem resident accused of entering Homesh

Monday, February 21, 2011 K’far Saba Magistrates Court Judge Michael Kershen heard the case of a Jerusalem resident who was accused of entering the destroyed Jewish town of Homesh in the Shomron. It was decided to postpone the trial to … Continue reading

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Tea vs Anarchist

Sunday, February 20, 2011 Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Rivka Freedman-Feldman heard the case of Beitar resident L., who is accused of pouring tea on several foreign anarchists who were inciting in Hevron. A European anarchist suffered mild burns. The hearing … Continue reading

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Books Still Confiscated

Thurs. Feb. 17 In Rishon Letzion Magistrates Court was the case about the “Sifrei Hamelech” confiscated by the police from Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai in Yitzhar. Attorney Adi Kedar from Honenu represent the books’ owners. This is connected to the … Continue reading


update: 4 youth

Thurs. Feb. 17 The Jerusalem District Court will charge the four minors who had been arrested at Ramat Migron for destroying Arab olive trees. Attorney Michael Ironi will represent the youth on behalf of Honenu.