Urgent appeal filed on three Ramat Migron arrestees

Monday, December 19, 14:14 This morning Yassam (Special Police) forces arrived at the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region and arrested three youths (two males, one female) on suspicion of violating a closed military zone. The police announced that the three arrestees, who were interrogated on the above-mentioned suspicion, will be brought to court tomorrow and the police will request an extension on their remand.
Honenu will file an urgent appeal on their remand and demand their immediate release, or alternatively that a deliberation be held today, being as their interrogation has been completed. Honenu notes that one of the youths was not arrested at the outpost but rather on his way to a hitchhiking stop, however the police claim that he had been in the area classified as a closed military zone.

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