Two Bat Ayin minors released – “Big case was revealed to be baseless”

Thursday, December 22, 15:15 A short time ago the police released two minors, residents of Bat Ayin, who had been arrested in Yitzhar at the beginning of the week. The two were interrogated on suspicion of puncturing the tires of an Arab vehicle in Gush Etzion, however they were released at the police station after no link was found between them and the incident. During the interrogation the two denied all charges and said that the interrogators did not present them with any evidence linking them to the incident.
On Tuesday the Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended their remand until Sunday, however Honenu attorney David HaLevi, who is representing the two minors, filed an appeal on the decision and the district court shortened the remand by two days.
Yesterday (Wednesday), the two minors were part of a police line-up in which an Arab and a resident of one of the Gush Etzion communities participated. The two minors were not identified.
As stated above, this morning (Thursday) interrogators from the Central Police Unit of Yehuda and Shomron released them without a deliberation in court after no evidence was found linking them to the incident.
One of the minors told representatives from Honenu that he had been held for an entire day in a small cell while handcuffed.
Honenu reports that, “This is another ‘big case’ from the police that was revealed to be baseless. They took two sixteen year old boys and turned them into criminals, when in reality there was no evidence against them.”

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