Remand extended for suspect in Ephraim Brigade incident – “The evidence is weak”

Sunday, December 25, 20:51 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended the remand of a detainee suspected of involvement with the protest incident at the Ephraim Brigade base. The police requested a six-day remand extension, however Judge Chen Avital extended the remand by only two days, and wrote that he had doubts that the evidence constituted a reasonable suspicion.
Judge Avital wrote in his decision that, “At this stage there is only elementary evidence, about which I have doubts that it constitutes a reasonable suspicion.” The judge further wrote that, “I will already note that if no more evidence is gathered, as far as the court is concerned, it will not be possible to base genuine progress on the material I have before me.”
Honenu attorney David HaLevi, who represented the detainee, said in response to the deliberation that, “The court’s decision speaks for itself. The court ruled that the evidence presented was weak and that in the absence of substantial evidence my client will be released from remand. I estimate that in light of the decision, my client will be released from remand within a short time.”

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