Remand extended for administrative exiles – “They haven’t presented any evidence”

Tuesday, December 20, 12:16 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court currently extended the remand of three of the administrative exiles arrested last week in their Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem apartment. The three are suspected of conspiring to carry out “price tag” incidents.
During the arrestees’ interrogation the interrogators did not present them with any evidence, only a vague claim that they are “organizing a ‘price tag’ incidents”. Also in court and in the remand request the police did not claim that they were involved with any particular incident. There is only a general statement from the police that the arrestees are the ones who organize what are known as “price tag” incidents.
Close associates of the arrestees say that it appears that the police and the GSS have found scapegoats. “They present the court with mountains of classified information, outrageous accusations concerning dozens of incidents, and all without presenting the arrestees with any specific instances which would allow them the possibility of refuting the allegations,” say the associates.
The police requested an eight-day remand extension, however Judge Shimoni extended the remand only until Sunday.
After the deliberation Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger said that he would file an appeal on the decision. “We will file an appeal with the district court because we feel that there is an attempt to suppress any organized resistance against evacuating outposts, including legitimate resistance.”

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