Police haul from administrative exiles’ apartment – Plastic toy guns and three-year old boy

Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 18:15 The haul from the police raid on the administrative exiles’ apartment – plastic toy guns and a three-year old boy who was taken to the police station.
During an extensive police raid on the administrative exiles’ apartment in Jerusalem six people were detained. Five of them were detained in the apartment and the other was detained during clashes with the police outside of the apartment.
One of the detainees is Eran Schwartz, an employee of Honenu and father of four who was at the administrative exiles’ apartment at the time of the raid. Schwartz arrived for a visit as part of the duties of his job. Schwartz’s three year old son, whom he brought with him to the apartment, was also taken to the police station.
Schwartz reported that one of the policemen punched him in the face and he intends to file a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit.
In a search carried out in the apartment computers and toy guns were confiscated. The toy guns had been in the apartment for a long time and the policemen had seen them during several raids. Previously the presence of toys easily obtainable in stores was not considered by the police to be a problem. Sources close to the detainees reported that it appears that the police chose to confiscate the “weapons” in an attempt to create a false impression of a “Jewish Underground”, when in fact all that the police found were plastic toys.
During the search GSS agents were present and also large forces of Yassam (special) Police. The detainees are currently being held at the Moriah Police Station and interrogated on suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime and preventing a police officer from carrying out his duties.
Please click on the link below for footage of the police raid and confiscation of plastic toy guns:

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