Again: another strange GSS idea proven wrong – Yitzhar detainees released

Monday, August 15 14:49 A short while ago the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court released the two Yitzhar detainees who were arrested over a week ago by the GSS.
The GSS interrogators did not succeed in presenting even one piece of evidence against the two and this morning requested that the court release them to house arrest for 14 days, demand that they post a bond and prohibit them from leaving the country. The interrogators also demanded that the minor be banned from entering Yitzhar for 30 days.
Honenu attorney Yossi Lin rejected the demand of the police and said that this is case of vindictiveness on the part of the police and the GSS, and that there is no justification for the detainees to be under house arrest.
Judge Amit Fries decided at the end of the deliberation that the minor will be banned from entering Yitzhar and will post a bond of 3,500 NIS, but not be placed under house arrest. The other detainee will be under house arrest for 14 days, but not post a bond. The judge rejected the police request concerning prohibition of leaving the country.
Sources close to the detainees welcomed their release and said that, “Time after time the strange ideas of the Jewish department of the GSS are proven wrong. This department, which appears to have be copied from the Soviet KGB, should have been closed already years ago.”
Honenu attorney Yossi Lin, who represented the two detainees, said that, “I am very satisfied with the decision to release the two youths. It was expected, but there is still a very hard feeling that this was a false arrest. The interrogation was highly pressured and very harsh, under inhumane conditions when there was no evidence and the entire purpose was to break their resolve. Only after the police interrogators did not succeed in breaking their resolve and to obtain a confession were they forced to release them, which was appropriate from the beginning.”

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