Court canceled bond for Ramat Migron detainees

Monday, August 22 15:25 At the deliberation that finished a short time ago at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court, Judge Mirit Fuhrer canceled the 10,000 NIS bond imposed yesterday on five detainees from Ramat Migron. For the four minors the bond was completely canceled and the other detainee will have to deposit 1,000 NIS. The judge said that bond will be canceled due to the fact that the youths would be forced to remain in remand.
The police requested a delay in carrying out the decision, announced that they would appeal the bond cancellation at the district court and questioned conditioning the release of the detainees on the financial damage that would be caused to their parents.
Yesterday the court ordered the release of the youths, but due to the bond of the high sum of 10,000 NIS imposed on them, they remained in remand.
Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who represented the detainees at the deliberation, said in response to the decision that “the court corrected the decision made yesterday, perhaps carelessly, and canceled the astronomical bond. The very decision of a bond of such a sum reveals the rift between the courts and their financial concepts and the financial ability of the public. In this respect it appears to me that the tent protest has yet to reach the court.”

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