Police and GSS continue attempts to recruit informants

Wednesday, August 17 18:25 Oded Shapira, a young resident of the community of Michmash, was standing with a friend this afternoon (Wednesday) at the Tapuah Junction in the Shomron. A vehicle in which two police detectives were driving stopped close to them and asked to see their identification cards.
Shapira recounts that the detectives took his friend aside and frisked him, apparently in order to leave him by himself. While he was alone the detective commander turned to him and presented himself as the intelligence officer of the area.
“The detective asked me if I had a cell phone and if I was getting along all right in life,” recounts Shapira. “He asked me if my cell phone bill wasn’t costing a lot of money and if I didn’t need help. I understood immediately what he was getting at and I told him that I was all right and didn’t need his help.”
The intelligence officer continued his attempt to entice Shapira to keep in contact with him, being as he “could help him in all sorts of ways,” in his words. After the IO understood that Shapira refused to cooperate, the detectives left the scene.
This incident follows an additional incident that occurred on Monday this week. A young man residing in the community of Havat Ma’on in the Har Hevron region was summoned for interrogation at the Hevron police department, a day before he flew abroad for business purposes. After the interrogation on suspicion of assaulting an Arab, the coordinator of the Jewish department of the GSS who is responsible for the Har Hevron region and calls himself “Gidi”, entered the room.
“Gidi knew that I was supposed to fly abroad the following day,” recounted the young man to Honenu. “He told me that as far as he was concerned it was all right for me to fly and work, but when I return, he wants me to turn to them and they’ll help me enlist in the IDF.”
For half an hour “Gidi” tried to talk to the young man, who refused to cooperate. “He repeated over and over again that he could help me and that it was for my own good,” said the young man, “but I kept thinking of the stories about Chaim Perlman and other people who were abused by the GSS. I know that what he told me was a lie and that they don’t care about anything other than incriminating our type,” he concluded.
Honenu reports that “during the last week alone four cases of people being approached by representatives from the Jewish department of the GSS and police intelligence reached Honenu. Every week there are incidents like these and as a matter of course not all of the stories are publicized. We call on anyone who is approached with a request to cooperate with these organizations or others like them to contact the legal headquarters of Honenu in order to receive a legal briefing.”

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