Two Adei Ad detainees will remain in remand overnight

Monday, August 29 20:09 During the conflicts at the Adei Ad vineyard this morning approximately ten residents were delayed and arrested. Some were released at the site, however four were brought to the Binyamin police station. After interrogation two of the detainees were released at the police station, whereas the two Adei Ad residents suspected of assaulting policemen will remain in remand overnight and apparently will be brought to court tomorrow. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar briefed the detainees.
This morning large forces of police, Yassam and Civil Administration inspectors arrived at the community of Adei Ad in the Shiloh bloc. Using a tractor, the forces began to uproot a vineyard belonging to a resident of the community. After uprooting several dunams of vines, the forces stopped, thanks to the intervention of MK Uri Ariel who arrived at the site and a petition filed with the Supreme Court by the Regavim Movement.

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