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Yaakov Teitel Denied Psychiatric Care

Sun. Jan. 25, 11 Yaakov Teitel has been charged with murder of Arabs, attempted murder of missionaries and extreme leftist Prof. Sternhall. He is being held in inhuman conditions and is not being given psychiatric care.


Mitzpe Avichai “photographers” released

Wed. Jan. 19 Two residents of Mitzpe Avichai who had been arrested in the afternoon for allegedly photographing Shabbak agents were freed after the Hebron Police investigated it.


Butvika’s “catch 22”

Wed. Jan. 19 Shachar Butvika was a Border Policeman who is now jailed for beating Arabs after his friends were killed by Arabs. He has served enough time to be eligible for “vacations” from jail but was required to first … Continue reading

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Jews Arrested for photographing Shabbak

Wed. Jan. 19 The heads of the Jewish Department of Shabak arrived at Mitzpe Avichai next to Kiryat Arba. Some residents took pictures and were subsequently held by the police for photographing them. Residents claim that according to law they … Continue reading


Bat Yam Protester Held by Police

Tues. Jan. 18 About 50 people marched in Bat Yam this evening to protest the harassment and intimidation by Arabs to Jewish girls. At the beginning of the march Yassam policemen took “a,” one of the organizers and activists into … Continue reading

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Jewish Demonstrator tried

Tues. Jan. 18 Petach Tikva Magristrates Court heard the case of a Shomron resident accused of participating in a protest demonstration at the Yitzhar Junction against the destruction of Jewish homes. Judge Michael Kershen heard the case.


Teenage girl held by police

Mon. Jan. 17 A teenage girl from Elon Moreh was arrested, because the police claimed that she was supposed to go to court.


Jew-Arab Argument in Ariel

Mon. Jan. 17 A 20-something Shomron resident was arrested after arguing with Arabs in Ariel. The Ariel police interrogated him and then released him.


Baram Held Another Day

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Uri Baram will be held longer by the police for distributing short films highly critical of Deputy Attorney General Shai Nitzan and Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The police requested a remand of an additional five days, but … Continue reading

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Baram to be charged

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Petach Tikva Magistrates Court extended the remand of Uri Baram who is accused of distributing short films extremely critical of Deputy Attorney General Shai Nitzan and Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Baram admitted doing so but claimed … Continue reading

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