Additional arrest at Givat Ronen – Regiment commander: “I want at least five arrests”

Thursday, August 4 18:35 Givat Ronen residents report that an additional resident has been arrested while extinguishing the fire set by Arabs near the community.
As they extinguished the fire, residents of the community approached the village of Burin and between them and the Arabs a conflict developed. IDF forces arrived on the scene led by the regiment commander of the area. According to one of the residents, the commander instructed his soldiers that he wants to see “at least five Jews arrested”.
The soldiers and additional officers who arrived at the scene began to confront the residents and members of Har Bracha’s rapid response squad. The soldiers succeeded in arresting one resident of Givat Ronen and one member of the rapid response squad. Currently whether or not there are additional arrests is being verified.
The residents of Givat Ronen are furious over the conduct of the IDF soldiers who, while the fire set by the Arabs continued to rage, chased after them and made brutal arrests.
It should be noted that the fire was extinguished by residents a mere several meters distance from the houses of the hilltop.

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