Administrative exile Uriya Cohen released from remand – “Apparently there is no evidence in the case”

Wednesday, August 10 17:02 Uriya Cohen, the administrative exile arrested this morning for interrogation at the GSS facilities in Petah Tikva, was released after interrogation.
Interrogators from the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron police and the GSS claimed that on the night that the vehicles in the village of Jinsafoot were set on fire, Cohen’s car was stopped for a license and registration check at the Tapuah Junction, and the other two detainees were in his car. According to the GSS interrogators there could be no other reason for their traveling together other than setting Arab vehicles on fire…
Cohen denied the suspicions against him. During the interrogation the GSS interrogators brought Calev Blanc, who has been held in their custody since Sunday, into the room with his eyes covered. Cohen said that the interrogators took the cover off of Blanc’s eyes, however Blanc refused to cooperate with the GSS interrogators and even refused to look at their faces. After the interrogation Uriya Cohen spoke to Honenu attorney Adi Kedar and told him that the GSS interrogators threatened him that if he didn’t link his friends to the arson incident, they would be sure to confiscate his vehicle and harm him financially.
Additionally the police detectives who transported Cohen tried to convince him that four other people had been arrested and that the “case was fixed”, in their words. After several attempts of persuasion and threats, Cohen was unconditionally released.
People close to the detainees reported in response to the arrest that, “The truth is out. The GSS interrogators have shown their cards and revealed that there is no evidence in the case. For four months they investigated the arson incident and all they discovered was that two people traveled in a car by the Tapuah Junction?
“We recommend that the head of the Jewish Department of the GSS teach its people some geography, then they would discover that the way from Yitzhar to the village of Jinsafoot, where they claim the arson incident occurred, doesn’t even pass through the Tapuah Junction.”

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