Conflicts in Shiloh region – Arabs placed knife at hiker’s throat

Friday, September 16, 2011, 11:56 A group of hikers that arrived in the morning in the area close to the communities of Esh Kodesh and Achiya in the Shiloh Bloc was attacked by Arabs from the nearby village of Qusra. Several Arabs succeeded in grabbing one of the hikers and an Arab pulled out a knife and placed it at his throat. One of the hikers fired several shots in the air, which resulted in the release of the hiker. The group broke contact with the Arabs and started to return to Esh Kodesh.
After a few minutes tens of Arabs from the village of Kusra approached Esh Kodesh and began to set fires in the area. The Arabs approached a vineyard belonging to an Esh Kodesh resident and attempted to damage it.
Residents of Esh Kodesh went out towards the Arabs and between the sides a rock-throwing skirmish developed. According to the Esh Kodesh residents IDF soldiers who arrived at the scene were powerless and did not succeed in controlling the Arab mob. As if that wasn’t enough, Yassam (special force) police arrived and detained four Jews, even as tens of Arabs continued to pelt IDF soldiers with rocks. Three of the detainees were released on site, however one detainee, an Esh Kodesh resident, was taken to the Binyamin Police Station. A Honenu attorney is attempting to secure his release.
At the time of this posting conflicts continue between soldiers and border police and the hundreds of rioting Arabs from the village of Qusra.

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