Four children arrested while waiting at K’far Etzion Junction bus stop

Monday, September 12 19:58 Four children approximately 12 years of age, residents of the Bat Ayin community in the Etzion Bloc, were arrested this evening at the K’far Etzion Junction as they waited at the school bus stop.
In a discussion with Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, the children said that an army Jeep arrived at the junction and several soldiers got out and demanded to see their hands. After the soldiers examined whether or not the children’s hands were dirty, the soldiers told them that if they notice a suspicious man or someone throwing rocks at vehicles at the junction they must tell the head of security in Bat Ayin.
Several minutes after the soldiers left the junction a police car stopped and arrested the four children. One of them who had not yet reached the age of 12 was released after a short time, but the other three were taken to the Gush Etzion police department where they were interrogated on suspicion of throwing rocks at Arab vehicles. The children deny all charges.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar is handling the case and attempting to have the children released.

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