Saturday night: Demonstration opposite President’s residence – “Release the Jewish nationalist prisoners”

Friday, October 14 Following the implementation of the Shalit deal and the release of hundreds of Arab terrorists, a demonstration will take place Saturday night opposite the President’s residence in Jerusalem, in an appeal to release Jewish nationalist prisoners.
The demonstration, that will begin at 20:30, is being organized by bereaved families along with the families of Jewish prisoners. “Of course we unequivocally oppose the release of Arab terrorists, however being as the government has already authorized the deal, at the very least discrimination should be prevented and Jewish prisoners who have been sitting in prison for many years under harsh conditions should be released,” said one of the demonstration organizers.
The demonstration will take place as part of the action to release the prisoners, which includes an appeal by MK Eli Yishai, to which additional ministers joined, to release the Jewish nationalist prisoners simultaneously to the Shalit deal.
It should be noted that a considerable portion of the Jewish security prisoners have been sitting in prison for a long period of time under harsh conditions, as the GSS prevents them almost across the board from going on leave.
The twelve prisoners in question include border policemen who took revenge on the slaughter that occurred in the Hero’s Alley of Hevron, Bat Ayin residents Shlomi Dvir and Ofer Gamliel who have sat in prison for close to ten years for their part in the Bat Ayin Underground, Ami Popper, who killed seven Arabs and has sat in prison for more than twenty years, David Amoyal, who injured an Arab in Yaffo as revenge for the murder of the infant Shalhevet Pas, and others.

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