The attacks aren’t confusing the police – persecution of settlers continues

Thursday, March 25 22:33 At the Jerusalem Magistrate Court four deliberations took place on settlers arrested over the past few days.
The police submitted a statement of claim against the young woman from the Shomron arrested yesterday evening during a settlers’ demonstration that took place in protest of the attack in Jerusalem.
The young woman is suspected of throwing rocks at an Arab vehicle that passed the Shiloh Junction. The court released her to house arrest for a period of five days.
An additional deliberation took place on the young resident of Haifa arrested on suspicion of throwing rocks at Arabs yesterday during a protest against the attack at the Kiryat Arba Junction. The Hebron police submitted a charge sheet against him and he was released to house arrest until Monday, when an additional deliberation will take place on the evidence in the case.
Today the Hebron police issued a charge sheet and requested that two residents of Mitzpeh Avichai, near Kiryat Arba, be remanded until the end of the proceedings against them. The two are accused of an attempted sabotage as the police claim that they threw rocks at Arab houses on Purim. The Arabs claim that a woman who attempted to flee the roof of a house fell and was lightly injured.
The remand of one of the residents was extended until Monday and the other was released to house arrest until Monday.
An additional resident that was arrested yesterday was released after receiving a restraining order distancing him from the hilltop for two weeks.
As was publicized, Arabs from the area organized and planned an ambush.
During the Purim meal three Arabs arrived at the outskirts of the hilltop and tried to ignite a field. Residents who were on the scene chased the Arabs and caused heavy damage to their vehicle. Within a few moments tens of Arabs arrived and a rock throwing skirmish ensued, during which the Arabs filmed the Jewish residents.
During yesterday’s police raid a police detective from the Central Unit of the Judea and Samaria District jeered at the residents and said that the police know that the Arabs set a filmed ambush, but they don’t care and they will arrest only Jews.
Honenu attorney David HaLevi represented all of the arrested today.

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