Today: Protest opposite the President’s residence – “Release the Jewish nationalist prisoners”

Sunday, November 6, This evening at 20:00 a protest calling for the release of Jewish nationalist prisoners imprisoned for injuring Arabs will be held opposite the President’s residence in Jerusalem.
The protest is being organized by the families of the nationalist prisoners and the families of terror victims, along with Honenu and is part of the activities to persuade the Israeli government to release the prisoners. The process began as the deal to release Gilad Shalit, in which over one thousand Arab terrorists who murdered hundreds of Jews will be released, began to be finalized.
This is but one protest in the series of protests that are taking place opposite the President’s residence and the home of Justice Minister Ya’akov Ne’eman. Last week during one of the protests the prisoners’ wives blocked Ne’eman’s wife from leaving in her car from her parking space.
In another incident, which occurred in the corridors of the Knesset, last week Elinor Butvika burst into the Prime Minister’s entourage as he left his office.
Butvika, the wife of Shachar Butvika, a border policeman convicted of killing an Arab in Hevron in response to the murder of his friends on Worshipers’ Way in Hevron, pleaded with the Prime Minister to release her husband. “You released a thousand terrorists. Release my husband also,” cried out Butvika, who was then shoved aside by the Prime Minister’s bodyguards. Butvika was charged with pushing an 18 year old Arab out of his moving jeep. The Arab’s head hit a rock and he subsequently died. The death was unintentional, and Butvika expressed remorse.
This evening (Sunday), as stated above, the prisoners’ families will demonstrate opposite the President’s residence. The protest will begin at 20:00. The families of the prisoners, families of terror victims, friends from the platoon of the imprisoned border policemen and additional activists are expected to participate. Transportation to the demonstration will depart from several sites throughout Israel.
Please see here a short video of Prisoner of Zion Yosef Mendelovitch, who sat in a Russian prison, giving a speech at a protest that took place last week opposite the home of Justice Minister Ya’akov Ne’eman. (Hebrew only)

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