12 detained demonstrators to be brought to court

Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 12:39 Hundreds of demonstrators protested the security situation in Israel on Tuesday, July 1 in the center of Jerusalem. In the ensuing disturbances close to 50 demonstrators were detained, and they complain of violent detentions. Honenu attorneys Rechavia Piltz and Yitzhak Weiner arrived in the afternoon at the Lev HaBirah Police Station in Jerusalem and stayed until the late hours of the night to provide legal counsel to approximately 45 detainees. The detainees are suspected of disturbing public order and some of them are suspected of additional violations.
Approximately 30 detainees were released in the evening and overnight following the protests. Twelve detainees will be brought before a judge at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court during the afternoon of Wednesday, July 2 . The police are requesting a remand extension for most of the remaining detainees, some of whom are suspected of assaulting Arabs. Itamar Ben-Gvir is representing the detainees on behalf of Honenu.
Honenu attorneys report that most of the detained demonstrators were very violently detained and some of them were beaten by police.
After the wave of detentions on Tuesday, July 1 Honenu calls on the police and the Attorney General’s office to join the exemplary unity which Jews have experienced during the past few weeks, and to cease causing divisions by singling out Jews to detain in large numbers. It is sad to see that during the hours when the Jewish People brought the murdered youths to their final rest, the police chose to conduct themselves violently particularly with Jews who protested the security situation.

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