A resident of Havat Gilad was arrested at the Tapuah Junction, the police took out an order barring him from meeting with a lawyer

Monday, March 21 22:10 A resident of Havat Gilad approximately 21 years old was arrested a short time ago at the Tapuah Junction in Samaria. Police detectives stopped the vehicle in which he was traveling.
Honenu lawyer Yehuda Shimon arrived at the Ariel police station in order to meet with the arrested man, but a police officer named Gil Desha informed him that he had taken out an order barring the arrested from meeting with a lawyer.
It should be noted that two weeks ago the same resident of Havat Gilad was arrested during Shabbat as he strolled around Havat Gilad. The court ruled that it was a false arrest and released him unconditionally.
Residents of Havat Gilad reported that “It is sad to see how instead of finding the Arabs that murdered members of the Fogel family, and those that helped them, the GSS and the police are continuing to persecute the settlers. The order taken out is reminiscent of dark regimes, but unfortunately this isn’t new to Israel.”

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