Acco assailant indicted

Arab rioting in Acco; Photo credit: Roni Ofer/Flash90

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Monday, June 21, 2021, 13:49 Habib Abu-Habib has been indicted for the attempted murder of Mordechai Katz in Acco at a parade during Operation Guardian of the Walls. Abu-Habib was one of dozens of rioters who attacked participants of the parade. Katz, a married man in his 20s and the father of two daughters, participated in the parade to raise the morale of the residents after Arabs started to riot in the city. When the parade reached the center of Acco, the attack started.
Katz described the incident: “They started to attack us with a ‘boom’. They threw an explosive, like a stun grenade, and then the rock throwing started from buildings and from every direction. At this point I decided that I wasn’t staying. I started to run home, towards the train station.
“On the way there they attacked me. I saw only two of them in front of me. I noticed rocks being thrown, and a second later I felt a blow to my head. I didn’t know if it was a club or a rock. And I lost consciousness.”
Katz does not remember what happened afterwards, but he knows that a policeman on the scene saved his life. “A police officer noticed the attack, ran in my direction and fired five shots in the air. He said that they had attacked me at point-blank range with clubs, crowbars, and large rocks.”
Several Jews also ran towards Katz, but they were attacked by the mob of rioters. Elad Barzilai sustained a head injury and collapsed. At this stage, Katz regained consciousness and with the help of other people crossed the street and hid behind parked cars.
When the rescue team that had been summoned for Katz arrived, they treated Barzilai first because he was in serious condition. Afterwards Katz was treated and evacuated to the hospital. Katz: “I was released two days later, on Friday afternoon. I had fractures in my skull and spinal column. My arm was broken in several places, and I had to undergo an operation. But, thank G-d, I miraculously came out of it.”

Janashvilli evacuated; Photo credit Roni Ofer/Flash90

Regarding the indictment, Katz thanked the police and the Attorney General’s office for bringing the suspect to trial and for indicting him for attempted murder. However he added that “There are dozens more rioters wandering free. They injured Elad and myself, and afterwards they attacked Mor Janashvilli. Whom will they attack tonight? Everything must be done to bring all of the attackers to justice.”
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is assisting Mordechai Katz: “We are pleased that the terrorist was indicted for attempted murder. This was a serious incident, and therefore despite the time that has elapsed, intelligence must be gathered so that the other terrorists who were party to the attempted murder will be apprehended. We will follow this case and demand a stiff penalty from the court. Subsequently we will file a civil suit against the terrorist.”

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