Ad Kan responds to Nawi indictment

Thursday, May 24, 2018, 14:49 Ad Kan: “Two and a half years after the ‘Ad Kan’ organization proved that radical activists in organizations such as Ta’ayush, B’Tselem, and Rabbis for Human Rights, who call themselves human rights organizations, sent Palestinians to their deaths on several occasions, only because they thought that they had sold land to Jews, and after a prolonged legal struggle which included criticism leveled by prosecution ombudsman David Rozen, lengthy correspondence, and petitions to the Supreme Court by ‘Ad Kan’, the Attorney General’s office announced that it would file an indictment against Ezra Nawi [a left-wing activist].
“We hope that the defendants in the case will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that we will not see the foot-dragging and discrimination that we have seen thus far.
“According to various publicized statements, it has been claimed that the charges for which Nawi and his associates were investigated, making contact with a foreign agent and abetting manslaughter, are not expected to be included in the indictment, rather lesser charges such as violation of interim agreements, and the like, will be.
“The Attorney General office’s refrain from putting Nawi on trial for participating in and abetting manslaughter and making contact with a foreign agent is tantamount to the State of Israel agreeing that Muslims who sell land to Jews should be sentenced to death.
“We call on elected officials and those responsible for the legal system in the State of Israel to immediately act towards doing justice and prosecuting the criminal Ezra Nawi and his friends to the full extent of the law.”
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who filed the petition with the Supreme Court, stated that, “It is very saddening that we have been obligated to go to the Supreme Court in order to receive a response from the Attorney General’s office. The criticism which was voiced by prosecution ombudsman [David] Rozen only reinforces the fact that the handling of this case has been problematic.
“The crux of the matter is that despite the fact that the decision to file an indictment against Nawi has been made, the crimes of which he will be accused have not been presented to us. If the rumors are true that the crimes are minor violations, then we will again insist that justice be exacted and if need be we will return to the Supreme Court for this matter. Therefore only after we receive the information will we be able to examine the decision by the State.”

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