Administrative order recipients set up protest tents

Monday, July 18, 2022, 9:46 Last Thursday, three youths from the Yehuda and Shomron regions who received administrative orders distancing them from their homes set up protest tents at the entrance to Kibbutz Horshim, the place of residence of Major-General Yehuda Fuchs, the GOC of the Central Command, who signed the orders. The administrative orders also prohibit the recipients from making contact with dozens of people, including each other. To avoid violating the orders, they set up their protest tents at separate sites. The protesters demanded explanations for the orders, which were served without a trial, as all administrative orders are. They waved signs reading, “Fuchs, fight the foe, not the friend,” “Yehuda Fuchs, fight the enemies, not the Jews,” and also, “No more administrative orders for Jews!” Honenu is providing the youths with legal counsel.

Elhai Carmeli, a married father of one who has been distanced from his home in the Shomron community of Givat Ronen is one of the protesters. Carmeli: “We arrived at Kibbutz Horshim, the place of residence of Major-General Yehuda Fuchs, who signed the administrative order served to me. I went to a family event today, and according to the administrative order, I will not be able to return home. I do not have anywhere to sleep. I came here with my child and my wife. We set up a tent, and we will sleep here tonight.”

Another protester is Avraham Yered, who recently was released from three months of administrative detention. Upon his release, Yered received an administrative order distancing him from the Yehuda and Shomon regions, including his home. The third protester is a minor.

Honenu: “It is intolerable that the IDF issues administrative orders to youths in Yehuda and Shomron in this manner. The orders were meant for the war on the Arab terror that threatens our existence, not for harassing youths. The recipients of administrative orders are not given the opportunity to defend themselves in court, which is a great injustice and a cause of deep frustration. Whoever wants to achieve calm must remove administrative orders from the arsenal of the law enforcement system.”

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