Administrative order “upgraded” in order to bypass courts

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 17:58 On November 1 Honenu reported on the case of a Jewish youth from the Har Hevron region who was detained after he left a friend’s wedding on October 28 for violating an administrative house arrest order (in effect only at night) signed by the GOC of the Central Command Major General Major General Roni Numa.
Honenu Attorney David HaLevi represented the youth before the Jerusalem Magistrate Court, which rejected demands made by the police and ordered the youth released on 3,000 NIS bail. The police filed an appeal with the Jerusalem District Court, which was rejected by Judge Amnon Cohen who also refused to give an order to delay carrying out the decision. Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir represented the youth before the Jerusalem District Court on behalf of Honenu.
On Tuesday, November 10, Major General Numa responded by “upgrading” the order to complete house arrest for approximately two months. In the new order Major General Numa wrote that the order was served to the youth “after I studied the intelligence material… and also the information which testifies to a violation of a previous order issued to the person in question.”
Honenu is of the opinion that the new order constitutes contempt of court because at the time of the initial detention when the police demanded that the court extend the remand of the youth until the end of proceedings or alternatively to order complete house arrest the Jerusalem District Court Judge upheld the decision of the Jerusalem Magistrate Court and ordered the release of the youth on condition of posting bail.
Honenu: “The GSS and the Major General are making a mockery out of the court and drawing up changes without a legal process. The district court didn’t accept your opinion? No problem, sign on an upgraded order. If there ever was a time that the system attempted to show that the orders were given on the basis of confidential information on a serious act of some sort, today it was stated, black on white, what we have been stating for years: This is vindictiveness on the part of the GSS and Defense Minister [Moshe] Ya’alon and in bypassing the courts, they violate the rights of the youth.”

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