Administrative orders extended for hilltop youth

Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 16:51 The discriminatory treatment by IDF and the ISA of “hilltop youth” and outpost residents has gone up a level. Over the past few days IDF Central and Home Front Command Major-Generals have extended the expired six-month administrative orders placed on Jewish youths.
At the close of six months, in a relatively rare move, the IDF and the ISA decided to extend the administrative orders in a collective manner, without differentiating between the recipients of the orders.
Honenu Attorney Menasheh Yado, who is assisting the recipients of the orders, said that, “The administrative orders have been issued despite a lack of evidence and without a trial. They severely violate the basic rights of the order’s recipient, separate him from his place of residence, educational facilities, place of work and sometimes from family members. Lately we have been witness to a deterioration in the treatment of the recipients of the orders. The system is completely insensitive, even when it comes to requests pertaining to welfare, education, the rights of minors and recommendations by the probation service. Selective enforcement is being carried out against an entire public, which is unacceptable and causes bad feelings within that public.”
Honenu reports that over the past few days at least eight youths have received notices of the intended extension – between three and six months – of the orders placed on them. Most of the youths have already received the renewed orders, which include bans on entering Yehuda and Shomron, house arrest effective at night and bans on contacting specific individuals.
Until recently it was rare for administrative orders to be extended, especially without each case being judged separately.
During recent months there has been an increase in the frequency of checks on individuals under administrative house arrest orders. Policemen are checking every night, sometimes several times a night, which is not customary. Some of the individuals under house arrest complain that the policemen arrive in the small hours of the night and needlessly wake up the entire family and sometimes also the neighbors, which is against regulations.

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