After mob attack near Alei Zahav, only one suspect detained

Thursday, August 4, 2022, 9:13 Last Friday (July 29), a mob of rioting Arabs brutally attacked a Shomron resident and killed his dog near Alei Zahav. Several days later, the victim demanded that the police and the GOC of the Central Command involve the GSS in the investigation of the attack because only one suspect had been detained, although he had reported that dozens of Arabs beat him.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher sent a letter to the Ariel Police, the Yehuda and Shomron District Police, and the GOC of the Central Command on behalf of the victim. The letter, summarized below, states that the serious incident must not be ignored:

A Jew was brutally attacked and injured by a mob of dozens of rioting Arabs. He miraculously escaped alive. It is difficult to understand and regrettable that only one suspect from the incident has been detained: Approximately 15-20 individuals out of the mob were still present when security forces arrived on the scene. We are certain that it is possible to apprehend all of the terrorists who took part in the attack. They must pay the price for their acts. Failure to penalize them is liable to give the impression and the feeling that injuring Jews in this area is allowed.

Therefore, I demand a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the incident, both because justice must be served and because deterrence must be maintained to prevent similar occurrences. I particularly demand that the GSS be immediately involved with the investigation of the brutal attack in order to locate all of the participants in the act and bring them to trial. I also request the investigative material in the case, including documentation of the incident and updates regarding all investigative operations, to verify that those guilty of the attack are penalized.

To reiterate, last Friday, during the early afternoon hours, a Shomron resident went for a walk with his dog near the industrial zone of Alei Zahav. At one of the times that he stopped for a rest, he noticed dozens of Arabs approaching him from the direction of the village of A-Dik. Some of the Arabs held rocks, metal bars, clubs, and other weapons. The resident immediately called security forces and summoned help, but at this stage, he was still alone and unable to defend himself against the mob.

When the mob reached him, they threw rocks at him and mercilessly beat him with metal bars and wooden clubs. He suffered injuries to all parts of his body. The main assailant beat him in the face with a wooden club, causing a deep cut to his nose and upper lip. Simultaneously, the mob took their anger out on the victim’s dog by cruelly beating him to death. They killed him by hurling a large rock at his head, and then they continued to beat him to verify that he was dead.

The incident reached its end when the victim escaped, got into his car, and locked the doors. The mob continued to pound on the car and tried to block him. The victim escaped to a nearby place and security forces came to his assistance. Several minutes later, soldiers arrived, and then policemen. The victim identified some of his assailants to the police, whereas some of them had fled the scene.

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