All Ma’aleh Rehavam detainees have been released

Thursday, May 15, 2014, 12:32 All of the detainees from clashes with policemen at the site of the destruction of חננו 574houses in the Etzion Bloc community of Ma’aleh Rehavam on Wednesday, May 14 have been released. Throughout the day Honenu handled the cases of approximately 10 detainees detained at the community and on roads leading to it. Some of the detainees were released at the site.
In the late morning hours of Thursday, May 15 two women suspected of assaulting policemen during the destruction were released at the Etzion Bloc Police Station, one them conditionally. During their detention the women were physically injured by police violence and they are now on their way to medical examinations.
Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz accompanied the detainees at the police station.
Also in February of 2013 army and police forces destroyed a neighborhood in Ma’aleh Rehavam. Honenu defended 18 youths detained in protests against the destruction, 14 of whom were released by the morning following the protests. The remaining four detainees were released in the afternoon following the protests. See here and here for more information.
Photo: Ma’aleh Rehavam, May 14, 2014 Photo credit: Flash 90

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