Another Barkan terrorist abettor convicted

Rafi Levengrond; Photo credit: Honenu

Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 16:13 After Abed Abada admitted to the charges against him in his indictment, the Military Court in Yehuda convicted him of failure to prevent Ashraf Walid Na’alwa from carrying out the October 2018 Barkan terror attack in which Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, Hy”d, and Ziv Hajbi, Hy”d, were murdered. Rafi Levengrond, Kim’s father, and Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the victims of terror, were present at the indictment. A penalty hearing will be held at a later date.

Bleicher: “The families of the murder victims will demand that Abada, one of the abettors to the Barkan terrorist, receive the maximum penalty. Additionally, we will submit appraisals of damages on behalf of the families and demand that the defendant pay a large sum of compensation. At the next stage, in order to improve deterrence, we will demand that the authorities increase the penalty in military law for failure to prevent attacks. This is a necessary step to stop terror. Increasing deterrence will save lives.”

Abada’s indictment states that he was aware of Na’alwa’s intent to carry out the attack and did not prevent it. Approximately one month prior to the attack Na’alwa shared his plan with Abada.  He intended to die as a martyr while carrying out an attack at his place of work using a weapon that he had purchased.

Afterwards, Na’alwa told Abada that he had succeeded in entering his place of work at the Barkan Industrial Park armed with his weapon, without being caught. Later, Na’alwa showed Abada his weapon, told him that he had prepared a will, spoke on the phone to an ammunition supplier while he was near Abada, and gave additional indications of his intent to carry out the attack.

Three days before the attack Na’alwa told Abada that he planned to “group several Jewish workers and murder them together by shooting his ‘Carlo’ [submachine gun], because it would be easy for him to murder more Jews like that.” Na’alwa shared with Abada his escape plan – in the event that he did not die as a martyr – including the location of the cave in which he planned to hide, so that Abada could help him in case of need.

Abada and Na’alwa met every day for several days prior to the attack. They discussed Na’alwa’s will and other aspects of the plan. On the night before the attack, Na’alwa sent a message to Abada indicating that he was willing to explode himself. The following day Na’alwa carried out the attack.

Despite all of the opportunities that he had, “The defendant (Abada) did not act in any reasonable way to prevent Ashraf’s act, which as stated caused the death of two Israeli citizens and the attempt to cause the death of an additional citizen.”

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