Arab assailant to pay 30,000 NIS compensation

Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 13:07 Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Adi Bar-Tal ruled that Nasser al-Auda will pay 30,000 NIS, in addition to attorney’s fees and legal costs, in compensation to the Jewish minor whom he assaulted in the Old City of Jerusalem. Al-Auda admitted to cursing and hitting the minor.
The assault occurred approximately two and a half years ago, near the Chain Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The claimant, at the time an approximately 15-year old youth, was on his way to the Chain Gate with several friends to participate in a celebratory prayer with singing and dancing.
As the youths approached, the assailant stood nearby until at some point a verbal clash began between the assailant and another man and the claimant and his friends. At the height of the clash the assailant cursed the claimant and hit him. From the force of the blow the claimant’s phone, with which he was recording the incident, was knocked out of his grasp.
The assailant was detained and after interrogation at the police station an indictment was filed against him, attributing to him only the charge of assault. In a plea bargain agreement the assailant admitted to his actions, was convicted and required to pay token compensation to the victim.
When the compensation was not transferred to him, the minor decided to file a civil suit for 30,000 NIS in compensation for the violation of his sense of security and the damages, pain, suffering, extreme distress, and feeling of unease that were caused to him by the incident. In the statement of claim Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher reiterated that there is a significant age gap between the assailant, who was in his 20s at the time of the assault, and the claimant, who was 15 years of age at the time.
The statement of claim mentions that the assault violated the claimant’s sense of security and since the incident the claimant has felt threatened and has been concerned that a similar assault will occur again.
Judge Bar-Tal ruled that because al-Auda did not file a statement of defense when it was possible for him to do so, he must pay the sum of the compensation to the minor, with the addition of attorney’s fees and legal expenses.
After the ruling the minor stated: “Every Arab who assaults Jews should know that we will not remain silent. We will steadfastly continue ‘Circling the Gates’ and will increase the demand for [Jewish presence at] the site of the Holy Temple.
“I am pleased with the court ruling which obligates him [al-Auda] to pay 30,000 NIS, which will deter the next Arab who thinks of assaulting a Jew. The State of Israel is the state of the Jewish nation and it cannot be that in the capital city of Israel there is no response when Jews are assaulted. I expect the Israeli Police and the State of Israel to act against anyone who dares to raise a hand against a Jew.”
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the minor: “We at Honenu are working towards assailants paying a high price for their anti-Semitic acts, and thus the deterrence factor will be strengthened and a sense of security will return to the area.”

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