Arab convicted of attempted rape sued in civil court

Honenu Attorney Ophir Steiner; Photo credit Honenu

Thursday, March 28, 2024, 15:14 In November 2022, Anan Salah, an Arab resident of the lower Galilee town of Yafia attempted to abduct a Tiberias resident with the intent of sexually assaulting her. Salah was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 54 months’ imprisonment. The victim was also awarded 12,000 NIS in compensation. Currently, Honenu Attorney Ophir Steiner filed a civil suit against the assailant for the sum of 120,000 NIS with the Nazareth District Court on her behalf.

The statement of claim describes how Salah attempted to abduct the Jewish woman: “In November 2022, the defendant decided to sexually assault a random victim. To carry out his decision, the defendant switched the license plates on his car so that he would not be apprehended after committing the crime. The defendant drove to Yehuda HaLevi Street in Tiberias near the central bus station. At the same time, the plaintiff was walking past the site. The defendant decided to implement his decision by forcing her into his car and raping her. The defendant drove past the plaintiff and stopped his car several dozen meters away from her. When the plaintiff passed near his car, the defendant jumped on her, laid his hands on her, and started to push her into his car with the aim, as he later admitted, of abducting and sexually assaulting her. The plaintiff understood the situation and quickly pulled away from the defendant. In response, the defendant roughly pulled her arm and shirt in an attempt to force her into his car. However, the plaintiff struggled with the defendant, yelled, and with determination succeeded in releasing herself from his grasp. As a result, the plaintiff fell to the ground. She got up and fled the scene running.”

Honenu Attorney Ophir Steiner issued a statement regarding the suit: “The victim suffered a traumatic assault from which she is still trying to rehabilitate herself. The penalization in the criminal proceedings is insufficient punishment for the assailant. He must pay damages in civil court as well. Justice will be further served by this penalty, others will be deterred, and the victim will be assisted with her rehabilitation.”

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