Arab police station security guard assaults Jewish youth

Monday, March 13, 2023, 9:29 Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher wrote a letter to the Kfar Saba Police demanding that they dismiss an Arab security guard who assaulted a Jew (see video clip below). In his letter, Attorney Bleicher described the assault, “On March 3, 2023, my client was brutally assaulted at the entrance to your station. My client, an 18-year-old youth, was required to report to your station and sign in twice a week. When he arrived at the station, an Arab security guard was standing at the entrance. The guard demanded that my client undergo a physical security check, while he allowed others to enter without such a check. My client asked the guard why he was checking him. He replied, “Because I feel like it.” My client then asked if it was because he was Jewish, and to his shock, the guard answered, “Yes.”

“My client has a recording that clearly and fully documents this racist remark. After the guard finished the security check and my client entered the station, the guard called him back. My client returned toward the guard, who then approached and assaulted my client by head-butting him directly in his face. My client felt strong pains from the blow, his nose bled, and one of his teeth was broken.” Bleicher continued with a description of the police officers’ reaction “Dumbfounded, my client turned to an officer who had just arrived and demanded that he arrest the assailant. Strangely, the officer took my client away, shoved him, and informed him that he was being taken into custody.

Attorney Bleicher reported that “My client expressed his objection to the injustice. Then the officer informed him that he was being detained and took him to a detention cell at the station. Approximately 15 minutes later, the station commander came to my client, who told him everything exactly as it had happened. The commander told my client that he would examine the security cameras and check his testimony. A few minutes later, the commander returned and informed my client that indeed, a viewing of the recordings indicates that he had been assaulted by the guard. My client was released and immediately filed a complaint. He found out that the assailant had been released at the police station under only the condition of a no-contact order.”

In conclusion, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher demanded that the police arrest the Arab assailant and put him on trial for racially motivated aggravated assault. “This was a serious assault,” says Bleicher, “with a racist aspect that caused an aggravated injury. The severity of the act is acutely heightened, as the assailant as a security officer at a police station was entrusted with law enforcement, and he clearly abused his authority. I demand that the recordings from the security cameras be gathered as evidence for convicting the assailant. I demand that the suspect be arrested and indicted for racially motivated aggravated assault. Concurrently, dismissal proceedings for the security guard must be started and his employment must cease immediately.”

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