Arab rioters damage Jewish farm

Tractor destroying fence

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 15:37 In January, rioting Arabs and anarchists damaged fencing belonging to a Jewish farmer in the Southern Har Hevron region. The farmer, Yedidya Talya described the incident: “At about nine o’clock in the morning, we heard a lot of tractor noise at the farm. We went out to the fields and saw left-wing activists and Palestinians pulling at the fencing. The everyday purpose of the fence is to protect the flock and the pasture, so that they won’t escape and also against jackals. As a result of [the rioters’] acts, damage was caused to two kilometers of fence. Financially, the damage is appraised at about 10,000 NIS, including labor, raw materials and more.”
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher sent a letter to the Hevron Regional Investigations Branch of the Israeli Police, demanding that the incident be thoroughly investigated and that the rioters brought to justice.
The letter describes the destruction: “On 2/1/2021, a gang of rioting Arabs and anarchists arrived at my client’s pasture and agricultural land and destroyed fencing demarcating his area. My client photographed some of the rioters, filed a complaint on the matter and transferred the photographs to the police.”
The photographs document the presence of many rioters who arrived with a tractor and destroyed a long section of fencing. In the letter, Bleicher noted that “My client has a legal permit from the Civil Administration for all of the agricultural land in question. Recently, my client was informed by the army that one of the rioters had been detained.”
In light of the detention of one of the rioters, Bleicher concluded his letter by demanding “a thorough investigation and the detention of the additional rioters. I demand that everything be done in order to penalize the rioters to the full extent of the law. By their actions they intended to instill terror and fear in Israeli farmers who are maintaining and protecting state land.”

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