Arab youths attacked Jewish youth on Jerusalem light rail

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Monday, July 4, 2022, 10:03 We are in the midst of a wave of attacks on the light rail in Jerusalem. In one recent incident, Arab youths spray-painted a Jewish youth with toxic red paint and fled the train. The attack was recorded by security cameras. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the youth, sent a letter to the police demanding that the attackers be detained.

Bleicher described the attack in the letter he sent to the Shefet Police Station in Jerusalem: “On 16.6.2022, my client traveled on the Pisgat Zeev-bound light rail in Jerusalem. Two Arab youths boarded the train at the A-Sahel station. When the train stopped at the Shuafat Station, one of the [Arab youths] took out toxic red spray paint and sprayed my client, including his face. As a result, my client was spray-painted on the side of his face and his shirt. The attackers fled the scene. A security guard on the train helped my client get to your station to immediately file a complaint. The guard also informed my client that there were photographs of the attackers and that they would be transferred to the police.”

In conclusion, Bleicher demanded that the police immediately detain suspects: “This was an ugly antisemitic incident that is one of a series of terror attacks meant to intimidate and humiliate the Jewish public in their own country. This incident must be treated with due seriousness. Suspects must be detained and brought to trial for racially motivated assault.”

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