Arabs attacked Jews in Jerusalem on Tisha B’Av

Please click here for a list of posts relating to cases in which Honenu provided legal counsel to victims of antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 11:32 Last Saturday night, two Arabs attacked three yeshiva students near Sha’ar Ha’Ashpot (Dung Gate) as they were on their way to evening Tisha B’Av prayers at the Western Wall. The students passed the two Arabs as they were standing in the doorway of a house. Y., age 24, was behind the other two students. When he passed the Arabs, one of them hit a garbage can to startle him, then immediately jumped on him with brass knuckles and punched him in the jaw. The other Arab joined in the attack and beat Y.’s head with a rock. Y. collapsed and lost consciousness. His friends rushed to his assistance and summoned the border policemen who were standing at Sha’ar HaAshpot. The attackers sprayed pepper spray at one of the other students.

The two attackers fled into the house, and when policemen entered after them, they discovered that the attackers were not there. Y. was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. He required stitches to his head and face. In the morning, he was released and is under medical supervision.

Honenu is assisting the students and intends to demand that the police detain the attackers. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher stated, “This was another violent antisemitic attack by despicable terrorists who are striking fear and terror into citizens on the streets of Jerusalem, right under the nose of border policemen. Over the past few days, the number of attacks that have occurred at this site has increased. This seems to be a worrying trend that demands a determined response.”

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