Arabs attacked with cudgels and knives a group of Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem: three wounded in the head, two arrested

Wednesday, June 1 10:14 A group of yeshiva students from Yeshivat Nir of Kiryat Arba went up to the Temple Mount this morning, Jerusalem Day. When the group left and the students went up through the Arab market towards the Western Wall plaza, they encountered an Arab ambush.
One of the students reported that seven Arabs armed with metal cudgels, knives and an ax emerged from one of the stores and began to attack them. As a result three students were wounded in the head by the cudgels, two suffered split heads and one was wounded in the eye. Additionally other students suffered punch wounds.
The students defended themselves and several Arabs were wounded by blows.
Policemen arrived on the scene and ironically decided to arrest two of the Jewish students. One of the group reported to the Honenu website that the policemen refused to attempt to detain the Arab attackers being as they feared entering a conflict with them.
Currently the two detainees are at the Kishleh police station and a Honenu attorney is examining their situation.

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