Are the prison authorities playing around with Ami Popper? Is Ami Popper’s status in danger of changing following Katzav’s incarceration?

Monday, January 30, 12:08 Is Ami Popper’s status in danger of changing following Katzav’s incarceration?
During the past two weeks it appears that behind the scenes certain individuals are attempting to worsen the prison conditions of Ami Popper, who has been incarcerated in the Ma’asiyahu Prison.
Popper, who has already served 22 out of the 40 years to which he was sentenced, has been a model prisoner. He is very involved with prison life and is well accepted by the other prisoners and by the prison staff.
However for the second time certain individuals, apparently from within the Israeli Police, are attempting by any means possible to worsen his prison conditions. Is Popper a means by which to harm or perhaps to benefit the former Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, who was recently incarcerated? It is not clear. However one thing is clear: currently Popper is being directly harmed by outside interests which are not directly relevant to him.
The first instance was several days before his furlough, during which a memorial service was held for his wife and son who were killed several years ago in a traffic accident. The Israeli Prison Service informed Popper that his furlough was canceled and only the intervention of Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who filed an urgent petition, removed the opposition – no explanation was given. Popper went on furlough, thinking that the issue was behind him.
However last Friday the Ma’asiyahu Prison warden arrived especially to meet with and speak to Popper. The warden informed him of the intention to transfer him to a different prison.
Again, there was no specific reason mentioned and Popper, who is handicapped due to injuries sustained in that traffic accident several years ago, is expected to greatly suffer if he is transfered to a different prison. In his current cell, in which he has been for many years, accessories, which are not present in other places, have been installed due to his medical condition.
Popper told Kedar that before Katzav entered the prison he did speak to the prison warden about the arrival of Katzav, in terms of assistance he may be able to offer, as he does for many prisoners. Popper also confirmed that at the request of Lior Katzav they met during one of his furloughs, however none of this was anything out of the ordinary.
Honenu attorney Kedar filed a petition with the district court demanding that the Israeli Prison Service be ordered to leave Popper in the wing in which he currently is or at least to explain the intention of transferring him.
This morning the Petah Tikva District Court Judge Avraham Tal ruled that in several days a deliberation will take place on the petition that Kedar filed and that until a different decision is reached, it will not be possible to transfer Popper from the Ma’asiyahu Prison.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing Popper, said in response that, “It is doubtful that there is a basis for transferring him to a different prison. If there is any reason at all, it is a arbitrary decision lacking a basis.”

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