As a result of the appeal the police released without deliberation the three protesters arrested at Givat Assaf

Sunday, March 13 As a result of the appeal presented by Honenu for the three youths arrested at the Givat Assaf intersection, the police announced that they will release the three without deliberation.
The arrested were investigated on suspicion of blocking the intersection, denied the charges, submitted their version and also complained that they were beaten roughly by border policemen. Some of the arrested were wounded by blows. Despite that the police investigators of the Binyamin police department decided to leave the three in custody overnight.
One of the arrested reported during questioning that he saw one of the police brutally beating his sister and when he approached to assist her, he was “rewarded” by a stinging slap and arrest.
After the questioning of “Sh”, one of the arrested, the GSS coordinator of the area, known as “Oren” entered the room.
“Oren” threatened “Sh” with severe and harsh threats.
Deliberation of the appeal was scheduled for 18:00 however after they understood that they would have to bring the arrested to court, the police investigators of the Binyamin police department decided to release the arrested.
It should be noted that last week a resident of Havat Gilad was arrested during Shabbat while he was taking a walk nearby.
Honenu presented an urgent appeal concerning his arrest but the Magistrate Court judge in Rishon Letzion scheduled a deliberation for the following day. The arrested was released without condition after the court ruled that there was no reasonable basis for his arrest.

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