Assaulted youth suffered head injury, arrested for assault

Wednesday, March 21, 17:47 A Jewish youth was grabbed, beaten by Arabs and then arrested on suspicion of assault, despite his head injury.
Yesterday (Tuesday) during the early afternoon three Arab youths grabbed, E., a Jewish youth, near the community of Migron, claiming that he had slaughtered one of their goats and assaulted them. The Arabs viscously beat the Jewish youth to the point where he required medical care, including stitches on his head.
The Arabs called the police to the scene and handed the beaten youth over to them as he was bleeding from his head injury. They reported their claims to the police and supplied photographs of their goat which they claim E. had slaughtered.
E. showed the police his injuries and requested that they arrest the Arabs who had assaulted him. The police ignored his claims and did not arrest any of the assailants.
E. was taken to the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police in Ma’aleh Adumim where he was interrogated for more than three hours while his head injury went untreated. The interrogation ended at 17:00 and only at 19:00 did the police authorize E.’s evacuation for medical treatment. He was taken to the Hadassah-Mt. Scopus Hospital where his head wound was stitched. After treatment E. was taken to the detention center in the Russian Compound where he spent the night.
Today (Wednesday) E. was brought before Judge Irit Cohen at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. The police demanded a five-day extension on E.’s remand, on a plea that the investigation was not yet complete due to suspicion that there are other individuals involved with the case. Being as the parents of E., a minor, were not present at the deliberation the judge extended the remand by only one day, as is allowed by law.
Honenu attorney Itzik Bam represented E.

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